Excellence in Beneficiation and Agglomeration  



We provide the following services and deliveries:

Beneficiation of iron ore:

  • Raw material investigation and beneficiation testwork (with selected laboratories)
  • Flow sheet development
  • Basic engineering of concentrator plants including all engineering disciplines
  • Plant audits for debottlenecking, upgrading and capacity increase
  • Delivery and installation of online grade analyzers and Advanced Process Control Systems for concentrator plants (with partners)
  • Process consultancy and "subject-matter-expert" services

Pelletizing of iron ore:

  • Pelletizing testwork (with selected laboratories)
  • Process design
  • Complete basic and detailed engineering of pelletizing plants including:                                  Concentrate handling, Additive grinding and handling, Green pelletizing, Indurating furnace including process gas fans, duct system and process gas cleaning, Product screening and handling
  • Plant audits
  • Capacity increase and debottlenecking of existing plants
  • Delivery of core equipment (with partners) such as burner systems, pallet cars and intelligent automation equipment (pellet size measurement, Advanced Process Control Systems)
  • Process consultancy and "subject-matter-expert" services 

Looking ahead:

  • Cold agglomeration of iron ore (curing furnaces for cold bonded concentrate)
  • Hot air cooling in pelletizing furnaces
  • Conversion of sinter into pellet plants ("Sinter-2-Pellet")