Excellence in Beneficiation and Agglomeration  



NewFer GmbH is a multinational company offering solutions and services for the beneficiation and agglomeration of iron ore. 

With a team of experts in this field, we strive to continuously improve our technology and processes to meet the evolving and ever-changing needs of the industry in general and of each customer individually. By embracing digitization and innovation, we aim to enhance efficiency and sustainability in iron processing, benefiting both our clients and the environment.

The company's head office is located in Eschborn, approx. 15 km from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and one branch office is located in Kolkata, India. We are expanding, with more than 30 employees having diversified experience across Germany and India.


Founded only recently in 2019,  we have quickly become a globally recognized technology and services provider in the iron ore pelletizing industry looking back at the following achievements:

2019      first engineering contract for the capacity increase of 2 pelletizing plants
2020      first engineering contract for a 3m-wide greenfield pelletizing plant
2021      first iron ore beneficiation contract (debottlenecking of Fe-concentrator)
2022      largest engineering contract (so far) for a 5mtpy greenfield pelletizing plant
2022      first extensive FEED contract for a pellet plant with an comprehensive portion in for the
               upstream concentration step
2023      first contract in India for the design of a pelletizing plant
2023      first delivery contract for smart automation tools for a pelletizing plant 
2024      first contract for the engineering and the delivery of core equipment for a 
               pelletizing plant in China